Harvard Health, Live in the Moment, but Plan for Future Stress

“Participants who engaged in both proactive coping and high mindfulness were more resilient against daily stressors compared with those who performed only one.” This Harvard Health article is a quick read but outlines a very interesting concept. Planning for future stress may actually help to reduce it. A study that looked at how 223 people dealt with daily stress showed that being proactive helps resilience when faced with stress in the future.

To read Harvard Health’s article and find the study, click the link.

Live in the moment, but also plan for future stress – Harvard Health

Need help staying positive during trying times? Live more in the moment, but also focus on how to cope with future stresses. This advice comes from a study published online March 25, 2020, by Personality and Individual Differences. Researchers explored two factors in how people handle stress: mindfulness and proactive coping.