Fraser Health Substance Abuse App

“The stigma around addiction means many people who use drugs use them alone, which is a reality we must address.” The new Lifeguard substance use app is an amazing tool that works to protect potential overdose victims who use alone. Especially with many stay-at-home measures still in place, there is an increased risk of substance use victims being alone if they overdose.

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New App to connect people to help if an overdose occurs launches in Fraser Health

The app can be downloaded online for iPhone and Android devices, and is activated by the user before they take their dose. After 50 seconds the app will sound an alarm. If the user doesn’t hit a button to stop the alarm, indicating they are fine, the alarm grows louder.

What is Psychosocial Rehabilitation?

Psychosocial rehabilitation is an integral part of what PCLA does, however, it is often misunderstood. What exactly is psychosocial rehabilitation? Why is it important in mental healthcare? This article by Kendra Cherry breaks down the answers to these questions.

Can Psychosocial Rehabilitation Restore Well-Being?

People with mental illnesses and other psychiatric concerns often need help in different aspects of their lives including work, living, social, and learning environments. One approach that can help people manage symptoms and improve functioning is known as psychosocial rehabilitation (PSR). PSR is a treatment approach designed to help improve the lives of people with disabilities.

CAMH Free Online Courses

Have you ever thought about taking a course on mental health related issues? The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health  has a wide range of FREE CAMH courses on their website where you can build awareness and knowledge of mental health challenges and work to reduce stigma. Courses offered include Empowering Families Affected by Psychosis, Youth and Mental Health 101, Addiction 101 and so many more. Privacy is a priority for CAMH, and they work to provide an environment that respects that privacy. Work through a course or two on your own, or with friends and family. Help each other to grow and fight the stigma around mental health.

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CAMH Mental Health 101 Courses

These tutorials have been generously supported by the CAMH Gifts of Light program. You can help support CAMH’s Gifts of Light Program here. To view the entire list of courses available in this series, please visit the main website. Note on accessibility: We are currently working on providing specific accommodations for participants with physical and/or learning challenges.

First Nations Health Authority App

The First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) released their very own app. With the purpose of better serving the First Nations and Indigenous people of BC, this app creates the opportunity to receive direct information that supports the health, wellness and safety of BC First Nations. This app focuses on health and wellness, including physical and mental health.

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FNHA Launches Mobile App

​ A message from Richard Jock, Interim Chief Executive Officer (CEO), FNHA​ ​ The FNHA strives to find the best ways possible to serve First Nations and Indigenous people in BC, and we are always exploring ways to better connect with those we serve.