Help with addiction

The focus is on high-quality, effective, integrated, client-directed and holistic services and support.


Over the past 30 years, PCLA has grown to seven programs providing a unique range of housing and rehabilitation options including educational and training opportunities. Our program is recovery –oriented care in a trauma-informed environment.


The services provided cover a range of rehabilitation and housing options for persons diagnosed with a serious and persistent mental illness or those with a serious and persistent mental illness and substance use issue. We work at the client and system levels to ensure trauma-informed awareness and to build strengths and skills on the treatment of trauma.

About Us

Pioneer Community Living Association (PCLA) is a non-profit mental health and substance use organization that provides innovative services and housing options to persons with mild to complex mental health symptoms.

 “When I think back to my stay at Lina’s, I think of how much I appreciated living there. The staff were very encouraging to me and helped me build my confidence up. I was concerned about living on my own again but, thankfully I lived at Lina’s Place for a year before I went back home. I don’t think I would have done as well had I not gone to Lina’s Place first.”
Tammy (not her real name), past resident at Lina’s Place  

Journey towards Independence

We welcome financial support from the community.